Does one letter in the marketing strategy matter?


Radosław Florczak


August 16, 2021

Overlooking a group of customers who might identify with your brand is a big oversight. You will say that such mistakes do not happen these days. I'll tell you, um... you're wrong. I will now describe the story of one letter that continues to play a huge role in a movement that could change the plane of functioning because of that one letter.

Every now and then, social movements arise to draw public attention to some aspect that most often needs improvement. The aim of such a movement is mainly to change, for example, the law or social attitudes. 

One such movement is the LGBT community, a movement of people who emphasize membership in social groups formed based on sexual or gender identity. The abbreviation LGBT is used to refer to all people who have a sexual orientation that differs from heterosexuality or a gender identity that differs from cisgender. LGBT can be abbreviated as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. However, it should be noted that it can be applied to anyone who is non-heterosexual or non-cisgendered. To emphasise the wider scope, the letter Q is also used to denote Queer people who are unsure of their gender identity. With the addition of the letter Q, the abbreviation looks like this: LGBTQ. There will be an article about these letters today.

The term LGBT originated in the United States in the 1960s. It is therefore not a new term or social movement. It became more popular in the 1990s. 

A central feature of the movement is that it emphasizes the queerness of its supporters on broad sexual issues and stresses the rights of this community. I absolutely do not wish to delve into worldview issues here and will remain as neutral as possible. The article is not intended to generate discussion about the legitimacy of this social movement. I don't want to take sides. I would like to make this sound right and clear. 

Let's focus on this LGBT or LGBTQ community movement from the marketer's side.

Nowadays, the social movement brings together people of non-heterosexual orientation. If I'm being honest, that letter H like heterosexuals is just missing for me in this social movement. Attaching the letter H to the abbreviation LGBTQH would mean shifting the burden of communication to another mental plane. It will not be a social movement then to address sexuality, but reason and tolerance. 

I encourage you to look at this problem with the eye of a marketer: that is, a customer, a citizen, a member of the local and national community, or a heterosexual person as well. Like most social movements, this movement too is characterized by demonstrations and marches. If I don't identify with any of the letters so far listed in the LGBTQ acronym, and in fact identify as Heterosexual, who is also considered to be in the anti-LGBTQ group, then why should I participate in this social movement? After all, this social movement as it stands excludes me. He does not want me - a heterosexual person - to participate in this social movement. To be a part of it. There is simply no space for me in this structure. Being a reasonable person with no envy or intolerance for others - I do not become an enemy of the LGBTQ movement just because my letter is not in that acronym. However, the lack of this letter "H" effectively discourages me from attending demonstrations by people who identify with this social movement. 

However, much of society does not reflect on the complexity of the situation and contingent relationships. The rule is simple: if you are not with us, you are against us. It works both ways. LGBT/LGBTQ being a social movement fighting exclusion, the movement itself excludes a specific social group. In this case, a group of heterosexual people. By doing so, the LGBTQ social movement lacks credibility because it directly contradicts the ideas it fights for. Transferring this to the level of marketing - a brand that is not honest - at a certain ceiling stops in gaining market. 

Does the absence of the letter H mean that the LGBTQ social movement is doomed to oblivion? In the current situation, I don't think so, but all it takes is for a social movement to emerge that doesn't exclude a certain social group, it can effectively pick up current activists as well as gain new ones. Transferring this to market standards.... buying products or services from a company we identify with is always more pleasant than being forced to buy from a company that merely tolerates us. Not to mention the fact that we are unlikely to buy anything from a company that considers us its enemy. 

Conclusion: marketing strategy is not given to us once and for all. The organization is growing, but the Consumers are also changing. Awareness and sensitivity are changing. Brands, like our example of the LGBT social movement, without evolving, without adapting to the current situation, to the competition, to the customers, to the market... is becoming an ossified organization. It is closed to novelty and new fields of exploitation. It doesn't grow as fast as it could, it becomes niche, and in extreme cases it simply disappears from the market. Well, unless that's the company's marketing strategy, such as in luxury goods marketing. But that's a whole other issue that I'll address in another article. 

Thank you!

The above article is the private opinion of the author. It was not intended to offend anyone or depreciate the brand. We treat this article in educational terms. If you feel that the author in any way e.g. violated the good name of your brand - contact the author. I'm sure we'll come to a common understanding.

Radosław Florczak

Radosław Florczak

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